15th July 2014

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6th July 2014

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Amy Pond Alphabet:  H is for Hair
            ↳ “She’s worth fighting for, all that red hair.”

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14th June 2014

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24th November 2013

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When I saw this picture I immediately recognized the shoes she’s wearing from earlier candid pictures. I’m not sure how to feel about that.

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20th November 2013

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10th October 2013

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You look beautiful.

You look beautiful.

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12th September 2013

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15th June 2013

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WOAH WEIRD I have this jacket. If I’m right and it’s the Oasis waterfall jacket that I think it is.
Karen Gillan wore it as Amy Pond!

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29th May 2013

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Karen Gillan in Not Another Happy Ending (x)

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18th January 2013

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Tagged: karen gillannot another happy endingI am determined to make a suit like this and wear it when I'm recovered enough to do another tailored jacket