6th June 2012

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The Hunger Games AU: volunteering for the games is not allowed

I remember that boy - the one who’s bruised face is now on the tiny screen on our table, as he stumbles through the forest just a few feet in front of Prim. He saved my life once, a long time ago. And now he’s trying to save her’s. The only person I’ve ever loved. What he’s doing is unprecedented. No one has ever offered to save someone else’s life rather than fight for their own in the games. But, then again, no one else would’ve risked a beating to throw some bread to a dying girl in the seam. Peeta Mellark is much more remarkable than I ever gave him credit for, and now I will never be able to thank him. Prim’s arms are bruised and a small cut on her cheek is bleeding and I want to reach out and hold her close and promise her that everything’s going to be okay. But I know that that would be a lie, just like the pin on her jacket that I promised would keep the bad things away.

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